Wall Tiles Refinishing

Tile refinishing in a bathroom or kitchen can save you thousands of dollars. The reglazing process can be completed in one day, compared to weeks for a typical remodeling project.

Our Process

The refinish process is relatively clean apart from the buffing off of material at the start of the job. This can create a large amount of dust and particles that will circulate around your bathroom. We recommend removing any toiletries from the area. Toothbrushes and make up can be ruined pretty quickly from the dust particles that are created. That is why we advise removing anything that you use for personal hygiene out of the bathroom or securing it in a cabinet. We will do our best to tarp off the bathroom and contain the initial mess.


Your home is your safe-haven. It is the place that you have worked very hard to buy and maintain. And we value this relationship which is why we will always be discreet and as quiet as possible while working on your shower tiles. We do not have to tear out or destroy your whole bathroom. Our process is non-invasive and relatively quiet, apart from the buffing process. However, that is relatively fast, and the rest of the refinishing process is unobtrusive. You will hardly notice our contractors are in your home until you get to go marvel at your revamped shower tiles.

Custom Design

Custom tile design can occur after the tiles are installed. If you have a neutral color tile, then we can assist you with a new color and pattern that is unique to your home. Even if you want to have every bathroom in your home slightly different or matching, we can do that. Proposals can be written for multiple bathrooms or single bathrooms. We want you to enjoy the ambiance of your new shower tiles by letting us provide a refinish that will leave your bathroom rejuvenated, colorful, and set to impress anyone that uses your bathroom.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide quality service with speed, affordability and friendly communication that will leave you happy you selected Jersey Refinishing for your refinishing needs. Our goal when refinishing shower tiles is to leave a finished product that is like new or better. We want the tiles to have an essence about them that completely changes the feeling of the bathroom.

Additionally, we have a no mess left behind policy for all of our work. This means that no matter how dirty the job gets, we will always leave your bathroom clean and better than how we found it.

Other Services

Fiber Glass Showers

Does your fiberglass shower/tub look dirty? Does it have cracks or broken spots? We are now able to make repairs and refinish your shower/tub to look like new.

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

The porcelain on your clawfoot tub deserves to look its best. We can repair chips in your clawfoot tub, remove discoloration and make it look as good as new!

Bathtub Refinishing

 If you are in need of a cost effective solution to these problems and don’t want to hassle with the headache of replacement, bathtub refinishing is the way to go.

Cabinet Refinishing

We love the beauty and integrity of our old kitchen cabinets, but after years and years of use, the finish has worn down, giving them a scuffed and shabby appearance. 

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